Polish Organizations

Consulate General of the Republic of Poland, Los Angeles.

Polish National Alliance. (Since 1880)

Polish Women’s Alliance of America. San Fernando & Ventura County. (Since 1898)

Polish Club. San Francisco. (Since 1927)

POLISH ALMA MATER. Polska Szkola. Los Angeles. (Since 1940)

Polish American Historical Association. (since 1942)

Polish American Congress of Northern California. (Since 1944)

Polish American Congress of Southern California. (Since 1944)

The Polish University Club of Los Angeles, Inc. (Since 1947)

Polish Scouting Organization – ZHP, Inc. Los Angeles. (Since 1954)

Polish American Club of Greater Sacramento. (Since 1959)

Polish Resistance Forces Veterans Association, Inc. Los Angeles, California. (Since 1964)

Krakusy. Polish Folk Dance Ensemble. Los Angeles. (Since 1964)

The Polish Arts and Culture Foundation. Oakland. (Since 1966)

POLISH AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL COMMITTEE. Polish School. San Francisco. (Since 1967)

Polish Center in Los Angeles. (Since 1967)

Polam Federal Credit Union. Los Angeles & Orange. (Since 1969)

Helena Modjeska Art and Culture Club in Los Angeles. (Since 1971)

National Polish American Sports Hall of Fame. (Since 1973)

Polish Radio Hour. Los Angeles. (Since 1974)

Lowiczanie – Polish Dance Folk Ensemble. San Francisco. (Since 1975)

Polish American Engineers Club of Silicon Valley. (Since 1976)

CHOPIN FOUNDATION of the United States. San Francisco. (Since 1977)

“Szarotka” Polish Retirement Foundation. Los Angeles. (SINCE 1977)

Krak-Art Group. Los Angeles. (Since 1980)

Polish Music Center USC. (Since 1985)

POLISH TENNIS ASSOCIATION. Los Angeles. (Since 1985)

East Bay Polish American Association. Martinez. (Since 1985)

Friends of John Paul II Foundation of Southern California. (Since 1987)

Polska Szkola im H. Modrzejewskiej. Yorba Linda. (Since 1988)

Polska Szkola Sobotnia w San Jose. (Since 1988)

PODHALE – POLISH FOLK DANCE COMPANY. Valley Village. (Since 1991)

Paderewski Festival in Paso Robles. (Since 1993)

News of Polonia. Newspaper. (Since 1995)

Polonia Events in Northern California. (Since 1997)

Forum of Polish Teachers on the West Coast. (Since 1998)

Polish Children’s Rainbow Fund of California. Monterey Park. (Since 1998)

Polish Film Festival, Los Angeles. (Since 1999)

Miss Polonia California. Los Angeles. (Since 2000)

Polish Jazz Network. (Since 2000)

US-Polish Trade Council. San Francisco. (Since 2002)

PADEREWSKI MUSIC SOCIETY. Los Angeles. (Since 2008)

Polish Club on the Desert. (Since 2008)

Polish American Performing Arts Club (PAPA) (Since 2012)

Polonez Polish Dance Folk Ensamble. San Diego.

Polacy in Inland Empire

Polonia United. San Diego

More Polish Organizations

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